Festivities = Another excuse to intoxicate self.

Just got texted otw to work from Young Man (a.k.a Brunei's #1 comedian & Herman Lee's sibling) to check out his blog. Apparently he's gotten back on the blogging scene after a while, do read up on it people, if the humor suits you, it'll crack you up.

Selamat Hari Raya to all muslim readers out there. This year I've substituted raya-ing with heavy drinking sessions. Surprisingly most of the guys were available for most sessions. Even managed to catch up with an old classmate two nights back whom last time i checked was out by the 5th or so beer. Now tables have turned and I'm having problems keeping up by the 12th or so.

Mr "Down your goddamn beer!"

Got kinda tipsy last night too with beer goggles were on. Gotta stop flirting so much drunk, but then again it's not easy to keep your dick in your pants in that state. I pity the waitresses that have to deal with our crap. Well.. it's not like they don't enjoy the attention. :P

Came across this video from Mahirah & it's very damn catchy.

It's funny how you tend to be bolder when you're intoxicated, like take for instance this frog below that for no apparent reason is playing dead in my palm. Was gonna pop it into my mouth before coming across some indomee instead..

Once flipped over it starts moving again..weird.

Can't wait to go down Miri on the 3rd for the gig. It'll be bigger than the last one and hopefully better than the jazz fest. Miri the city where cigarettes come equipped with G-spot. No shit....just check out the photo below.

"With G-SPOT"

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What is up with the heat these days? Could probably start an afternoon cookout off the hood of my car. You know it's bad when you catch some stray mutt hogging a spot outside the office on your cigarette break.

intrusive chillin

Since we're on the subject of dogs, i was rather surprised to catch this lil guy at my aunts after lunch the other day. It has a habit of chewing feet.

It feels good to get out after the past few weeks of hibernating indoors. Went for some grub at the mall Saturday evening and the place was packed with gremlins (a term derived from the movie randomly used to describe repulsively attired under aged teens). Had a good drinking session later that night with almost everyone present. Although i do kinda miss belading, Charlie's upgraded his menu even.

Been listening to Marilyn Manson's Eat Me Drink Me album a lot lately. Kinda hooked on it, specially this video for some apparent reason.

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Slow ass week

It's taken me five days to get off my ass & start blogging as intended. Must be the whole "it takes only 8 secs before you start loosing patience on a webpage" kinda thing. For me, blogging is like paperwork at the office, minus the deadlines.

Let's start off with the weekend.. Went down to miri with Wanlongkok & Karacoma for a gig in some pub on saturday. It's very appealing when u can drink while passing judgement on some 20 or so bands without getting hassled. Don't really remember much from the gig since i was pissed half the time, but managed to get some pics & videos..
Overall it was a damn good gig, specially through beer goggles. Stuck around a bit longer to catch a few other good bands before finally getting some grub. The best part of miri has got to be the food. Regardless of time or place, chances are it's good grub. Passed out not so long after getting back to the hotel.

Couldn't get inked the following day due to overpricing on a piece i wanted. So as an alternative we tracked down a booze spot for an early start to drinking which led to getting back later then expected. Hangover at work the day after was totally shit. It's times like these when u start asking "why the fuck am i torturing myself?", which is roughly 36hrs before the next craving kicks in.

Adi made us watch this preety cool clip last night, Vadrum meets Super Mario Bros. Bout time somebody covered this shit. Gonna make a move now, it's way past office hours and i'm starving.

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Time flies when ur slacking

I hardly spend any time at home these days, been crashing kiulap mostly. The 6 minutes driving distance to work would be the main contributing factor as to why it's a second home. Ironically I still turn in late for work half the time. Despite living under the same roof, everyone's been so busy & MIA, we're practically asking each other how we've been upon crossing paths.

Got some preety heavy drinking done last weekend at empire which got me to slow down a bit on any consumption this week. Tried skating a few days back in kb with adi, 5mins into it i recalled why i quited in the first place. Too old to be breaking bones. I'll stick with the pool.

Signed up for facebook a week or so ago, another way to kill time in the office. There's just so much shit in there it's bound to keep you occupied for a bit. Since the last post i've only had time to catch up on two movies. 1408 (This is one hotel room i'd wanna crash sober....for real.) & 45 ( kinda ok except for the domestic violence bit on milla jovovich. Suitable for 30 & below only.. :P).


Loose girls in tight jeans.

Shit ass day indeed. Work was murder, hangover didn't help. Preety good session the night before though. Pre party for Arif's early retirement, right amount of drinks went round getting everyone pissed.

Some 40 yr old dude by the name of Peter (or Fucking Peter according to himself) showed up and totally cracked us up. Giving us advice on how wanking & sex is bad for your health, and how we should do push ups (or 'pumping' according to him) as an alternative. For someone at that age who's into yoga, drinking & possesses a killer sense of humour, it does seem qualified for a role model no?
Fucking Peter

I've been catchin up on movies during lunch breaks seeing as how i hardly have time for anything else besides work and beverage on a repetitive basis. Most recent one would be "The bourne ultimatum". Fucking kick ass. It's the kinda of movie where the action doesnt stop keeping u at the edge of ur seat throughout the whole 2hrs.

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Epl weekend

Epl's started which is great to layan with drinks btw. Preety good matches to kick off the season as well as some killer goals, take for example this free kick from Gerrard during the Aston Villa match. Don't get me wrong i'm still a Chelsea supporter 90%, the missing 10% is for the times they've lost me money. Thanks to the boys from Wlk whom for the first time got me hooked on soccer without betting.....yet.

Aside from whiskey and soccer, i'd say it was a preety productive long weekend. Highlights would be the beach around 4+am on saturday with rach & kelda to catch the sunrise pissed & breakfast at Lucky garden by 6+. Haven't been there in ages, dim sum heaven nuff said. Snuck into some fitness center on sunday with Adi at an attempt to start being healthy. Then layan jamming for a bit between soccer matches. Wlk sessions (video 1, video 2).

Woke up this morning at some hotel, slighty hungover from JD the night before, fortunately managed to turn in for work. I came across this painting a few weeks ago, anyone out there with a clue who this chick is?

Who's this?

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No more for the road.

When asked whats up? It's cigarettes, alcohol & lack of sleep that's been taking up my time lately. Threw up shit loads on getting up yesterday morning as a result of blasting off that red label the night before. When you're hours late for work, still on you're knees throwing up in front of the bowl & hungover like a know damn right it's time for a break.

It was a preety good gathering i'll admit to that. Only problem was the room's off limits for smoking hence everyone's cramped up in the "loo" while some entertainment's going on the outside. Take for example "Dinny's attempt at belly dancing". Told ya this shit's going on youtube niggs....hahhaha.

I'm trying to detox & rejuvenate myself, although herbal drinks & dvd's can be quite a slow option. Ended last night on 2 movies, "Thank You For Smoking" & "The Hills Have Eyes 2". The first was good the second was shit. Long weekend coming ahead.....probably the end of detox for me then.

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Session 5

Isn’t it funny how things around u evolve in unexpected ways u so hesitantly agree to? Reminds me of high school, so innocent, no idea what the nearby future has in stored. How when you’re all up in the middle of the class, expected an answer to some complex question, you stand there clueless, all eyes on you yet the only pictures that play in your mind is of no relevance to saving your ass in a mild tight spot. I’m sure you’ve been there.

Despite getting kicked out of the house right after high school into college, which according to my folks was “the smart choice”, unsurprisingly resulted in a not so appealing result from my end. Not so smart after all huh? It’s just something about getting forced against your will that refuses any ounce of motivation to provide the expected.

Having one hell of a hangover this morning thanks to all the excessive drinking & partying the night before.

It's been a rough week, can't blame me for taking a break.

Before the shi t hits the fan.

If only i could have what "this guy" does, that would be some serious motivation for some real changes. Probably stop getting myself caught up in bad endings too. It's been really hectic over the past few weeks & i'm all drained out.

Pardon the lack of post. Been busy living a fantasy.

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